Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft Transact is an advanced intelligent document processing (IDP) platform designed to streamline the extraction and classification of data from various sources including emails, paper documents, and mobile devices. Ephesoft is now part of Kofax/Tungsten automation.

Leveraging AI, computer vision, and a deep learning neural network known as the Semantic AI Engine, facilitates the automation of document sorting, classifying, and information extraction processes. This technology enables the system to handle both familiar and unfamiliar document types without the need for prior configuration, training, or templates, thanks to its capability for universal document automation. Additionally, Ephesoft Transact employs continuous supervised machine learning to enhance its ability to recognize diverse document formats and layouts over time. Available in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment models, it offers flexibility to meet different organizational needs while helping to free up employee time, improve data capture efficiency, and ensure access to more current data.


– Customization options allow for tailoring to specific business requirements, enhancing operational efficiency.
– Advanced classification features enable rapid deployment and improved document handling processes.
– Handwriting recognition boasts up to 90% accuracy in identifying cursive and hand-printed text.
– Utilizes machine learning algorithms for precise document categorization based on content, barcode, or layout.
– Incorporates OCR and ICR engines for accurate data capture from a wide range of document formats.


– Enhances operational efficiency by automating document sorting and data extraction, freeing up employee time for more strategic tasks.
– Improves data accuracy with AI-powered classification and extraction technologies, reducing human error.
– Accelerates data processing speeds, enabling faster decision-making and improved customer response times.
– Offers flexibility with on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment options, allowing for scalable solutions tailored to business size and needs.
– Facilitates easy integration into existing systems with ready-to-use APIs, minimizing disruption and streamlining workflow adjustments.

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