Hyperscience is a technology firm specializing in automating business processes through a blend of IDP, machine learning, and human intervention. Its platform integrates data, personnel, and workflows into streamlined digital assembly lines, enhancing organizational agility with minimal change management costs. Hyperscience excels in automating tasks such as data entry, information extraction, and analysis. It adeptly processes both structured and semi-structured documents, efficiently extracts crucial information from invoices, and performs compliance-driven data reconciliation, making it a versatile tool for businesses aiming to optimize operational efficiency.


– Greater configurability: Offers pre-packaged, modular blocks designed for easy customization to fit specific business processes.

– Continuous Improvement: Employs AI models that learn and evolve with use, enhancing efficiency over time.

– Human-in-the-Loop: Integrates human oversight for complex decisions, ensuring accuracy where AI confidence is low.

– Scalable, Easy Set Up: Designed for quick deployment and scalability to meet growing business demands without extensive setup.

– Flexible Deployment: Supports both cloud and on-premises installations, accommodating diverse IT environments and security requirements.

– Advanced Data Handling: Automates the extraction and processing of data from diverse document types, improving throughput and accuracy.

– Robust Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with existing business systems and workflows, minimizing disruption and facilitating enhanced automation.


– Enhances operational efficiency by automating data entry and analysis, reducing manual workload.
– Offers scalable solutions that easily integrate with existing systems, ensuring a smooth setup process.
– Facilitates continuous improvement with machine learning that evolves to meet changing business needs.
– Incorporates human oversight into automated processes, ensuring accuracy and addressing complex cases.
– Provides flexible deployment options, supporting both cloud-based and on-premises configurations to suit diverse IT environments.

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