Talent Intelligence

LLM-based HR systems like Eightfold, Gloat, and Seekout empower companies to intelligently source candidates, enhance promotions, enable talent marketplace, and address pay disparities.

High-Level Steps

1. Select an LLM-based system like Eightfold, Gloat, Beamery, Seekout, Phenom, Skyhive.
2. Set up the system to identify and categorize hundreds of employee characteristics.
3. Integrate the LLM system with existing HR platforms and data sources.
4. Leverage the LLM system to source employees, assess employees, and determine readiness for promotion.
5. Match employees with new opportunities and address pay inequities.


1. Enhanced talent acquisition: LLM-based systems enable companies to intelligently source candidates based on hundreds of specific characteristics, improving the quality and relevance of new hires.
2. Data-driven promotions: With AI-powered HR systems, companies can make more accurate decisions on employee promotions by leveraging comprehensive skills data.
3. Agile talent management: Implementing talent marketplaces powered by LLM-based systems allows companies to efficiently match employees with new opportunities, enhancing internal mobility and agility.
4. Addressing pay inequities: By using AI to identify pay inequities, companies can proactively address and rectify any disparities, fostering a fair and inclusive work environment.
5. Strategic workforce planning: Leveraging the capabilities of AI systems promotes effective workforce planning as companies

Source: https://joshbersin.com/2023/09/the-role-of-generative-ai-in-hr-is-now-becoming-clear/

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