Kofax TotalAgility®

Kofax TotalAgility® is a comprehensive platform designed for automating content-heavy business processes.

It integrates low-code process design with AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and RPA (through Tungsten integration) for efficient task automation. The platform leverages embedded AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis to extract and process unstructured data, enhancing data-centric workflows. Kofax TotalAgility® excels in transforming operations like new customer onboarding, claim processing, and loan automation by unlocking document intelligence, connecting disparate systems, and orchestrating both human and digital workers. The latest version, 7.11, introduces improved IDP capabilities, advanced low-code features, and stronger DevSecOps support. However, feedback indicates a need for improvements in user-friendliness and the user interface.


– Kofax TotalAgility® integrates with existing systems to streamline document and content processing, enhancing operational efficiency.
– Offers intelligent automation capabilities, including document capture and understanding, driven by advanced AI and machine learning technologies.
– Facilitates swift, accurate customer communications through automated multichannel capture and engagement tools.
– Enables process automation across various business departments, reducing manual tasks and improving workflow management.
– Provides robust analytics and reporting features, allowing for real-time insights into process performance and areas for improvement.
– Supports compliance and risk management efforts by ensuring consistent application of business rules and documentation.
– Designed with scalability in mind, it adapts to growing business needs, handling increased volumes of data and processes effectively.


– Enhances efficiency by automating content-heavy workflows, reducing manual effort, and streamlining processes.
– Offers low-code process design, enabling quicker and more adaptable workflow configuration without extensive technical expertise.
– Utilizes AI-driven IDP for precise extraction and management of unstructured data, improving data accuracy and accessibility.
– Provides robust monitoring and integration capabilities with Tungsten RPA, facilitating seamless task automation across multiple platforms.
– Embeds advanced technologies such as machine learning and NLP, enabling businesses to better understand customer sentiments and automate decision-making processes.

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