Voice-Controlled AI Gadgets Will Change The Way You Use a Computer

What if instead of sitting in front of a computer, you could simply tell an AI to operate it for you?

Rabbit’s R1 used what it calls a “large action model” to navigate web and app interfaces for you, even giving you the option to train the R1 on new skills Rabbit never imagined.

Now, Open Interpreter, known for its open-source code interpreter implementation for ChatGPT, has announced O1 Light – a voice interface that can control your computer to perform tasks like sending text, editing files, and accessing the web.

Why Should You Care?

1. Open Interpreter’s O1 Light is an open-source ecosystem for AI devices.
2. It combines LLMs with computer control for AI hardware projects.
3. Open Interpreter aims to be the Linux of next-gen AI devices.
4. O1 Light is a small device that learns and performs tasks on your computer.

Visit this link to learn more.

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