Steamship is an AI hosting platform designed for developers to create and deploy AI agents efficiently. It provides a Python Software Development Kit (SDK) for building these agents, coupled with a command-line interface (CLI) for straightforward cloud deployment. The platform supports serverless cloud hosting, enabling scalable and flexible AI solutions without the need for managing infrastructure. Additional features include vector search for efficient data retrieval, webhooks, and callbacks for integrating with external services. Steamship aims to simplify the development process while offering powerful tools for constructing complex AI agents.


– AI agent development enables the creation of agents such as chatbots or virtual assistants with unique personalities tailored to specific brand or project needs.
– Media generation capabilities allow for the creation of images, videos, and audio content, leveraging either Steamship’s models or custom ones provided by users.
– API accessibility ensures easy integration of Steamship agents into existing applications, websites, or games, broadening the potential user interaction points.
– Scalability is a key feature, with infrastructure designed to support the scaling of AI agents to serve millions of users efficiently.
– The platform offers built-in vector storage and search features, facilitating efficient search and storage solutions for vector data.
– Low-code development options are provided through LangChain and the Steamship SDK, simplifying the development process for users of varied skill levels.
– Features like key management, load balancing, asynchronous tasking, automatic multi-tenancy, and unified metering across AI providers enhance operational efficiency and resource optimization.


– Simplify AI agent development with Python SDK, enabling the creation of chatbots or virtual assistants tailored to your brand’s needs.
– Enhance digital content through built-in media generation capabilities for images, videos, and audio, customizable for your project.
– Integrate and embed AI agents seamlessly into existing applications, websites, or games through comprehensive API support, expanding your digital presence effortlessly.
– Ensure your AI solutions scale effectively to meet user demand without worrying about infrastructure, thanks to Steamship’s serverless hosting and automatic scalability.
– Benefit from advanced features like vector storage and search, asynchronous tasking, and low-code development options, streamlining AI integration across your services.

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