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Software AG is a provider of business process management tools designed to enhance the efficiency, visibility, consistency, and agility of business processes while reducing costs and fostering standardization. Through its ARIS Business Process Transformation suite, Software AG enables organizations to simulate process optimization scenarios, detect anomalies, identify improvement opportunities, and gain comprehensive insights into their operational processes. This suite is applicable across various use cases, including order-to-cash, service management, procure-to-pay, and supply chain management, among others, supporting businesses in achieving streamlined operations and improved performance.


– Automatically reconstructs actual process reality from data, providing a truthful representation.
– Ensures adherence to rules and regulations, maintaining legal compliance.
– Implements improvements in processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
– Triggers workflows for process governance directly from insights.
– Enables task mining for deeper process analysis and optimization.
– Facilitates seamless data connectivity and integration across platforms.
– Streamlines operations, reducing waste and enhancing productivity.


– Process reality reconstruction: Offers a genuine view of process flows by automatically mapping out business activities, leading to increased efficiency and accuracy in process management.
– Regulatory compliance: Helps ensure adherence to various regulations through built-in compliance frameworks, reducing the risk of penalties and enhancing operational trust.
– Process enhancement: Identifies inefficiencies and bottlenecks within existing processes, enabling targeted improvements for better performance and cost savings.
– Insight-to-action: Transforms process insights into actionable governance workflows, facilitating quick decision-making and operational adjustments.

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