Qdrant is an open-source vector similarity search engine and database offering versatile filtering capabilities. It allows efficient retrieval of similar vectors from large datasets, making it ideal for diverse applications requiring precise and filtered searches.

Where to use

Qdrant is most effective in applications requiring extensive filtering support like neural network matching, faceted search, and semantic-based matching.


  • Production-ready with user-friendly API: Seamless integration into existing projects and applications.
  • Extensive filtering support: Tailor search results using various filtering criteria, enabling precise retrieval.
  • Neural network and semantic matching: Effectively handles searches based on complex data representations.
  • Faceted search capabilities: Facilitate user-friendly navigation and refinement of search results.
  • Payload storage and filtering: Store and filter additional data associated with vectors for enhanced search control.
  • Write-Ahead Log (WAL) for resilience: Ensures data consistency even during power outages, maintaining system reliability.


  • Open-source and accessible: Freely use and customize Qdrant to fit specific needs.
  • Production-ready for real-world applications: Easy integration and deployment for immediate impact.
  • Highly customizable filtering: Precisely control search results using diverse filtering options.
  • Faster query execution: Cached payload information allows for quicker response times.
  • Resilient to power failures: Ensures data integrity and minimal downtime with WAL functionality.

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