Promptmetheus is a cutting-edge IDE for crafting and managing LLM prompts efficiently.

Where to use

Promptmetheus shines in crafting and managing intricate prompts for LLMs, offering modularity, cost tracking, and support for multiple platforms.


Core Features of Promptmetheus:

1. IDE tailored for LLM complex prompt crafting
2. Modular data and text block composition
3. Drag-and-drop prompt construction interface
4. Historical tracking of prompt design
5. Execution cost estimation for prompts
6. Intermediary for diverse LLM platforms
7. Initial support for Claude 2, Llama 2


– Simplifies complex LLM prompt creation
– Enables easy prompt experimentation
– Provides prompt cost estimations
– Facilitates tracking of prompt evolution
– Streamlines multi-platform LLM interactions.

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