Physical robots are about to get a lot smarter with Generative AI

Figure AI, a robotics startup, has landed $675 million in funding and partnered with OpenAI and Microsoft to advance humanoid robots. Their aim is to create AI models that will bring robots out of the lab and into everyday life. With the support of Microsoft Azure, Figure will have access to unlimited computing power to train their robots. These developments mean that robots will soon possess the ability to comprehend intricate instructions and navigate our complex world. This news is particularly significant as it marks a notable collaboration between Figure AI and established industry giants, and it also indicates a shift in focus for OpenAI back towards robotics.

Why Should You Care?

1. Robots are set to become smarter and more adaptable.
2. Massive series B funding at a $2.6 billion valuation.
3. Collaboration with Microsoft Azure brings unlimited computing power.
4. Improved robotics capabilities will revolutionize everyday life.
5. Expect robots to understand complex instructions and interact with the world.

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