Performance review assistance

Leveraging the power of ChatGPT for self-evaluation, employees can effortlessly highlight their contributions aligned with key company attributes, such as problem-solving and execution, ensuring a polished and impactful narrative for performance reviews.

High-Level Steps

1. Identify key company attributes relevant to performance evaluations, like problem-solving.
2. Gather specific examples of your contributions aligning with these attributes.
3. Provide ChatGPT context to understand company performance measurement standards.
4. Instruct ChatGPT to draft narratives highlighting achievements in a professional tone.
5. Review ChatGPT’s drafts, ensuring accuracy and adherence to company culture.
6. Refine the text with personal insights to add authenticity and engagement.


1. Enhances self-evaluation quality with professional, articulate performance narratives.
2. Saves time by streamlining the performance review drafting process.
3. Improves accuracy by aligning personal achievements with company goals.
4. Boosts confidence through well-crafted, personalized self-assessment documents.
5. Encourages self-reflection and professional growth with targeted feedback prompts.


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