Vehicle Document Processing Using Gen AI: Venkata Adapa’s Success Story

Venkata Adapa successfully addressed a laborious and error-prone process of extracting data points from unstructured documents in a leading fleet management company. His innovative solution significantly improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience in handling vehicle registration documents.

The Challenge

A leading fleet management company struggled with processing vehicle registration documents. The task was laborious, error-prone, and time-consuming, requiring extensive manual effort to extract five crucial data points from unstructured PDFs. The existing OCR solutions were inadequate, leading to prolonged turnaround times and a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Innovative Solution

Venkata K stepped in with a new approach. He introduced an RPA bot designed to download documents from a designated mailbox daily. Leveraging AWS Textract for OCR capabilities, the system extracted text from the PDFs. However, the real game-changer was the integration of the OpenAI API, which, when combined with custom prompts, efficiently structured the extracted data. This innovative use of GenAI eliminated the need for creating multiple OCR models for different documents, streamlining the process significantly.

Implementation and Impact

The implementation of this solution marked a turning point. It not only reduced the need for human intervention but also dramatically increased processing speed and accuracy. The project showcased how combining RPA, advanced OCR, and GenAI could solve complex problems in document processing, setting a new standard for operational efficiency in the fleet management sector.


The project achieved remarkable results: an ROI of 500%, saving 1920 hours per year (160 hours/month), and a 200% increase in quality. The number of resources required for manual processing was reduced from five to one, which now focuses on handling exceptions.

Tools Used

  • Automation Anywhere: An RPA tool for automating digital tasks
  • AWS Textract (OCR): Extracts text and data from documents
  • OpenAI LLM API (GenAI): Processes unstructured data into structured format

About Venkata Adapa

Venkata K is a seasoned Business Analyst with a background in automating complex processes across various industries. His expertise spans RPA, OCR, IA, and GenAI technologies, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing manual interventions. Venkata’s innovative approach to problem-solving has led to significant improvements in process automation on multiple projects he has been associated with.

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