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OpenBots is an RPA tool stack that is a strong advocate of “Zero Per-Bot Licensing costs”. By that, it means that you get to download the OpenBots Studio and Agent to build and run automations. And along with it you get to download the Free OpenBots Server to deploy, manage, administer and run OpenBots Automations across your Enterprise.

There are a number of tutorials in the Self-paced learning section of the OpenBots Tutorials page to get started.  In addition, there is quality documentation that helps you install and get your Server up and running!

Per the OpenBots advocacy, the number of bots you can deploy to your RPA COE is limited only by your automation requirements and/or the RPA hardware infrastructure.

OpenBots does offer at least two levels of Enterprise support that organizations can leverage to help further their Automation initiatives.

If you are new to OpenBots but not new to RPA, then the learning curve might not be as steep. But the Self-paced tutorials are a must-watch and will help RPA newcomers to get started with the OpenBots RPA stack.

In addition, OpenBots offers other features such as Process Discovery and OpenBots Documents which is a paid SaaS offering to customers to run Document processing automations.


Here are a few resources for you to get started with OpenBots:


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