IP and Fraud Detection

Intellectual property and media piracy on the web accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Online copyright infringements, counterfeiting and other fraudulent activities are widespread and can quickly damage your brand’s reputation and bottom line.

RPA enables you to automatically monitor your brand online to fight counterfeiting and other infringements.

Review current and historical transactions to identify illegal activities and online piracy. Remove unauthorized use of your intellectual property—including trademarks and logos—mitigating damage to your brand reputation and revenue losses.

Combat copyright/trademark infringement and the illegal use of patents and trade secrets by automatically monitoring thousands of websites. Collect and aggregate pricing data to detect if your products are being sold online well below MSRP.

Collect information in any language from websites worldwide and transform it into structured data that you can leverage to quickly identify the use of unauthorized content.

Deploy intelligent software robots to eliminate time-consuming manual monitoring of your brand identity, products and services on the web. Automatically search thousands of websites for IP violations without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.

Source: Kofax

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