How Jaison Varghese Revolutionized Patient Document Processing, Achieving 70% Productivity Boost

Jaison Varghese faced a daunting challenge: extracting a myriad of handwritten information from patient documents, verifying this data against ten different applications, and then uploading it to multiple platforms—all within a mere two minutes per record. With 70,000 records needing processing daily within a 12-hour window, the task seemed nearly impossible. However, through innovative use of technology and strategic planning, Jaison not only met but exceeded these challenges, showcasing the power of digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

The Challenge

The project involved a healthcare provider needing to process thousands of patient documents daily. These documents contained critical information such as diagnosis codes, test codes, and insurance details, all handwritten and thus prone to errors and inconsistencies. The requirement to cross-reference each piece of extracted data with ten different applications before uploading it to various platforms added layers of complexity to the task. Moreover, the need for speed was paramount, with a strict deadline ensuring that the data reached insurance companies, hospitals, and patients within two minutes of extraction.

The Strategy

Understanding the scale and complexity of the problem, Jaison embarked on a solution that leveraged the best of automation and integration technologies. He chose UiPath Document Understanding models for their robustness in handling varied handwriting styles and their ability to learn and improve over time. To manage the integration challenges across numerous applications, including databases, mainframes, legacy, and third-party applications, he implemented MuleSoft workflows. These workflows were crucial for seamless data transfer and verification processes.

To ensure the system could handle the volume of data quickly, Jaison utilized 12 GPU replicas for rapid data extraction and deployed over 300 dedicated RPA robots to work continuously on the task. Recognizing the need for scalability and efficiency, he also involved UiPath directly to scale both their infrastructure and his own, procuring 25 million AI units to support the massive data processing needed.

The Outcome

The results were staggering: a hard saving of 60 FTE, a productivity increase of up to 70% after these savings, and a client satisfaction rate of 100%. This project not only showcased the potential for digital transformation in the healthcare sector but also set a new standard for processing and integrating large volumes of complex data efficiently.

Tools Used

UiPath Document understanding: For accurate extraction of data.
UiPath RPA: Automates repetitive tasks and data handling.
MuleSoft: Integrates disparate systems and applications.
Rest API: Enables communication between different software systems.

About Jaison Varghese

Jaison Varghese is a seasoned consultant specializing in building automation Centers of Excellence (COEs), implementing time-saving solutions, and delivering projects on schedule and within budget. His expertise lies in process automation and artificial intelligence, with a deep understanding of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and AI/ML technologies. Through his work, Jaison helps organizations navigate their digital transformation journeys, leveraging his skills to overcome complex challenges and drive significant operational improvements.

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