Google Launches Free AI Tools for Cybersecurity

Google’s AI Cyber Defense Initiative is aiding the fight against cybercrime by open-sourcing Magika. This AI-powered tool aids defenders in identifying malware, transforming cybersecurity and addressing the “Defender’s Dilemma” through AI.

Why Should You Care?

1. Google’s AI tools aim to strengthen online security.
2. Magika tool aids in detecting malware.
3. Magika is used to protect Gmail, Drive, and Safe Browsing.
4. VirusTotal team uses Magika for a safer digital environment.
5. AI Cyber Defense Initiative aims to transform cybersecurity.
6. AI can help reverse the “Defender’s Dilemma” in cyber defense.
7. Google’s initiative promotes AI-powered cybersecurity measures.

Visit this link to learn more.

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