Gen Z and Millennials Brace for AI Impact on Careers

Deloitte’s 2024 survey of 23,000 Gen Z and Millennial workers across 44 countries reveals a mix of optimism and concern regarding the rise of AI in the workplace. While many see the potential for improved work-life balance and enhanced job performance, there’s widespread anxiety about job security and the adequacy of current training to prepare for AI’s impact.

A significant number of young workers fear that AI-driven automation could lead to job losses and require them to seek positions less susceptible to automation. This concern is more pronounced among those who frequently use AI, suggesting a correlation between hands-on experience with the technology and apprehension about its implications for employment.

In response, a majority of Gen Z and Millennial workers are taking proactive steps to adapt, with many planning to or already pursuing reskilling opportunities. Despite feeling underprepared by their employers’ current training offerings, these individuals are actively seeking out education on AI to ensure they remain competitive in a rapidly changing job market.

Why Should You Care?

– Only about half of Gen Z and Millennial employees believe they are receiving sufficient training on AI from their employers.
– Despite the lack of training, a majority of Gen Z and Millennials plan to reskill to adapt to the career impacts of AI.
– Experience with GenAI increases positive perceptions of the technology but also raises workplace concerns.
– Challenges such as potential job disruptions, skills mismatch, ethical issues, and societal stress need to be navigated carefully.

In summary, Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize work and life, but it is important for technology leaders to address concerns, provide adequate training, and strategically adapt to reap its benefits.

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