Datamatics TruBot product is an RPA tool that develops and runs C# scripts. They have 200+ inbuilt component library for faster development. The TruBotmodules include:

  • TruBot Designer
  • TruBot Cockpit
  • TruBot Cockpit Personal (Control room)
  • TruCap+ (Intelligent data capture)
  • TruBot Neuro (AI)
  • TruBot Analytics

TruBot workflow designer has a Windows recorder. It can capture and create c# scripts to interact with web, desktop, mainframe and Citrix. If you are tech savy and develop scripts manually, this gives you more control to automate.

Trubot comes with Integrated Intelligent Data Capture powered by AI. It also includes Pattern detection with AI and integrated Analytics.

Their deployments are mostly with existing customers in the banking, financial services and insurance industries.

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