Datamatics Trucap+

Datamatics TruCap+ is a web-based intelligent document processing (IDP) solution leveraging generative AI to enhance accuracy and expedite processing times.

Designed for flexibility and scalability, TruCap+ excels in extracting data from diverse unstructured documents with an accuracy exceeding 90%. Its self-learning capabilities ensure continuous improvement in data capture efficiency, making it a robust tool for businesses looking to optimize their document processing workflows.


– Generative AI enhances accuracy and supports data querying in multiple languages.
– TruPilot feature creates ontologies from sample documents, boosting productivity.
– TruCap Marketplace Ontologies provide pre-built document frameworks, speeding up automation across various document types.
– Built-in machine learning models adapt to new document formats quickly, minimizing manual adjustments.
– Advanced analytics dashboard for real-time monitoring of IDP processes, ensuring transparency and control.
– Scalable infrastructure easily accommodates increasing volumes of document processing, making it ideal for growing enterprises.


– Generative AI improves accuracy, allows built-in data queries, and supports multiple languages, facilitating global application.
– Template-free IDP significantly reduces set-up time by 30% to 70%, enabling quicker deployment and ROI.
– Enhances productivity through the creation of ontologies from sample documents, streamlining document processing workflows.
– Access to TruCap Marketplace Ontologies provides pre-built document frameworks, accelerating enterprise automation across various document types.
– The combination of self-learning capabilities and data capture accuracy ensures continuous improvement and adaptability to changing document formats.

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