Create career pathways

Generative AI enables HR professionals to visualize numerous growth opportunities for employees based on their skills and experience, leveraging vast real-world data.

High-Level Steps

1. Analyze employee skills and experience using generative AI technology.
2. Utilize AI algorithms to map potential growth opportunities for employees.
3. Leverage the vast knowledge base of millions of individuals’ career trajectories.
4. Display graphical representations of various growth options for employees.
5. Incorporate AI insights to tailor individualized growth plans for each employee.
6. Enable employees to explore multiple career paths and development opportunities.
7. Enhance HR decision-making with data-driven insights from generative AI.


1. Enhanced employee development: Generative AI analyzes individual skills and experience.
2. Data-driven career pathing: AI provides graphically visualized growth opportunities based on extensive data.
3. Personalized recommendations: Tailored recommendations for each employee’s unique needs and goals.
4. Best practices integration: Leverage insights from millions of professionals for optimal career paths.
5. Future-proofing talent: Stay ahead by leveraging AI to guide strategic talent development.


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