Azure Bot Service

Azure Bot Service is a platform that allows developers to build conversational interfaces for various applications across multiple channels. It incorporates Language Understanding (LUIS) to craft natural, customized interactions. The service offers an integrated environment for bot development and pairs with Power Virtual Agents for a low-code, fully hosted bot creation experience, accessible to developers with varying skill levels.


– Build bots with ease using a low-code graphical interface for quick development, testing, and deployment.
– Enhance bot performance by leveraging auto-tracked telemetry to refine and identify new interaction topics.
– Enable bots to communicate across multiple platforms like telephony and Microsoft Teams with minimal adjustments.
– Ensure secure scaling with centralized management tools designed for compliance and governance adherence.
– Facilitate collaborative bot development with fusion teams, combining diverse expertise for complex projects within a unified SaaS solution.
– Support multilingual and multichannel engagement, reaching customers on their preferred platforms and languages.
– Benefit from Microsoft’s extensive investment in cybersecurity, with built-in features ensuring comprehensive security and compliance standards.


– Enables quick bot development with a low-code graphical interface, speeding up the creation and deployment process.
– Facilitates bot improvement over time by tracking telemetry and identifying expansion topics automatically.
– Supports creating multichannel and multimodal experiences, easily connecting to platforms like Microsoft Teams and telephony systems.
– Ensures secure and scalable deployments with centralized management, maintaining compliance and governance standards.
– Promotes collaborative bot building among multidisciplinary teams, enhancing complex scenario handling with fusion team capabilities.

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