Automate SLA Reports

Use RPA bots to automate the monitoring and recording of service availability and response times for key systems and applications. The bots can then automatically calculate SLAs based on the data collected and generate reports that can be sent to relevant stakeholders. AI can also be used to detect patterns of issues and response times to proactively suggest systems at risk of breaching SLAs.

For IT infrastructure or Telecom infrastructure, you can capture data from end devices like router logs, system logs, or ticketing logs. The data can then be used to calculate the SLAs.

The advantage is that the Bots can do end-to-end automation of the calculations and do very precise calculations.

The Bots can also feed a Dashboard that is updated regularly.

Implementing these types of automation solutions can help retail companies more effectively monitor and report on SLAs. This can, in turn, help improve the performance of their IT systems and applications.

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