Anthropic says its latest AI bot can beat ChatGPT but does it?

Anthropic’s generative AI model, Opus, part of the Claude 3 family, thrives in historical, knowledge-based, health, race, and geopolitical questions. However, it falters in addressing current events beyond August 2023. With a 200,000-token context window, Opus offers concise and useful information but falls short in some aspects. Though lacking third-party app integrations, it is comparable to Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro in context window capabilities.

Why Should You Care?

– Anthropic’s Opus model is designed to answer various questions.
– Opus excels in historical and knowledge-based inquiries.
– It performs well in health-related and therapeutic advice queries.
– However, Opus struggles with recent events beyond August 2023.
– Opus handles race relations and geopolitics neutrally and respectfully.
– The model lacks third-party app integrations for additional features.
– Opus is efficient in providing succinct and actionable answers.

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